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Hip_Hop_Push_Media_1Hip Hop Push Media, Inc. Was created in 2009 to help market and independent rap artists, producers and dj’s. It’s also a platform that showcases the best in hip hop culture.
Our company provides services that help market and promote new rap artists and producers, and also educates them on different aspects of the music industry; in an effort to help further their careers.


Over the years we have grown and gained much recognition for our music media and promotional services. We have been featured in many urban publications such as XXL Magazine and Vibe Magazine, and has also received great reviews from many music blogs and websites.

Our goal is to continue to add to and promote the hip hop culture. We believe that hip hop can be used as a tool to bring us all together and help bring more awareness to some of the social issues disenfranchised people are facing all over the world.
We plan to make an indelible legacy within the music industry and trail the way for many to follow. We hope that we can earn your business and support to accomplish this task, and be among the many who try to push the hip hop culture forward.

Stay Blessed!

Hip Hop Push Staff