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Free Rap Beats (Download)

Nov 25, 2013   //   by Kenyatta   //   Blog  //  No Comments

freerapbeatsAs an independent rap artist on the come up you’re going to need rap beats to create your songs. There are two issues that new rap artists seem to run into when trying to find beats online. The first issue is the quality of beats they find. There are a lot of beats online that sound horrible, and have no business being put up for sale. And the second issue is finding quality beats online that are affordable.

As a new rapper you’re going to be faced with a lot of expenses including: studio time, buying instrumentals, traveling to shows, buying equipment, paying for mixing and mastering your songs etc. But what I will say is that you should spare no expense when it comes to buying quality instrumentals. The beat is the foundation of your song and if it sounds horrible no matter how good you spit, your whole song will sound horrible.

The first thing people hear when listening to your music is the beat. The instrumental leads the track until the artist comes in with his/her lyrics and if it sounds unappealing right from the start, forget them listening to the rest of your song. So what in this article I have decided to help my fellow hip hop artists out by listing the websites they can go to download free and affordable rap beats.

Both free and affordable beats come with stipulations, so before you download and use the instrumentals read the fine print. There are going to be some terms that stipulate that you can use some beats however you want, and then there is some where you can use the beat but have to give credit to the producer. Giving credit where it’s due shouldn’t be a problem to you as an artist. This is the best way to start downloading instrumentals and using them for demos, show performances or mixtapes!

Good luck and have fun using some of the free and affordable hip hop instrumentals you find on these sites.


Here is the list of where you can download










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