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How To Brand Your Music

Sep 22, 2013   //   by Kenyatta   //   Blog  //  No Comments

brandingMusic branding plays a very big role in having longevity in the music industry. A good brand is able to create more clients for itself and dominate in an industry based on the quality of the goods it produces, and based on it’s reputable name.

This can also apply to you as an artist. If you produce a quality brand you can attract more fans and also create more business opportunities for yourself. This is what every artist should strive for, building a reputable brand that attracts more fans and business opportunities.

But what is a brand? How do I build one? How do I market my brand? This article will address these questions so you can understand how to go about building a quality brand.

What Is A Brand

Most people think that a brand is a logo, and they’re partially right. A brand is not only a logo, a logo is associated with a brand, but is not a brand in its entirety. A brand is an image and set of values that represents you, your company, the way you conduct business, and the quality of products you produce.

As an artist you have to have an image and set of values that defines your music and record label. Your brand is going to represent you in anything you do and anything you associate yourself with. If you produce poor quality music, never get along with anyone in the industry, and treat your manager and fans bad, then you will be associated with having a poor quality brand.

You want to strive to work with the best artists, get featured in magazines, get shown on media outlets, produce good music and merchandise so that your brand can expand and be seen as a reputable one.

How Do I Build and Market My Brand

As I said a brand should have a few things. The first thing your music brand should have in place are a set of values that define your music and who you are as an artist. Then you want to create a logo that reflects your core values. Your logo should reflect your image!

There are many platforms you can brand yourself through such as: a website, social media sites, or through merchandise such as clothes or promo cd’s. You can also brand yourself through ad placements on music websites and magazines. Any media outlet whether online or offline that can help you expose your brand to a wide audience should be taken into consideration.

How Do I Build A Quality Brand

Building a quality brand that represents your music is going to take time, nothing happens over night. The main key here is to have the essentials in place, which is creating quality music, conducting good business, co-branding with other artists and record labels that are reputable, getting endorsements from top quality brands, and treating your fans right. If you have your brand marketing in place you will slowly build your status up and dominate the music industry with your presence.

With out a music brand you’ll just be another plain old rapper, you can still make money with out a brand, but you can make even more and create longevity in the music industry if you have one. Look at Bon Jovi, Madonna, Jay-Z, and Beyonce` they all own their own brand and the content they create!

When endorsement companies or other business’ look to team up with an artist they look for one that represents a quality brand. So go out there and not only work on your music, but building a brand as well.

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