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Music Poscast Marketing (Hip Hop Music Podcasts)

Nov 26, 2013   //   by Kenyatta   //   Blog  //  No Comments

podcastmarketingThis is a marketing method that is fairly new to some people, but has been used as a highly effective tool of promotion within the social media marketing community.

I have personally used this marketing technique to drive thousands of traffic to this hip hop site, and have used that traffic to promote our magazine and the other media outlets we have. This marketing strategy is called Podcast Marketing and in this article I’m going to explain to you what it is, and how you can use it to give your music more exposure!

What Is Podcasting

Podcasting in simple terms is the syndication of audio files using RSS. A podcast can be an audio file of an artist doing an interview on radio, it can be of songs from an artist, or it can even be a recorded session at a music seminar. Outside of music there are podcasts on just about any topic!

Once these podcast recordings are made you can upload it to podcast websites with a brief description of the audio and a website link from the source. Listeners can go to these podcast sites ( or your website) and retain audio archives to listen to at their leisure.

Podcasts Best For Artists

The best podcasts you can create as a music artist is music and radio interviews of you. You can not upload visuals such as your music video, podcasts are only restricted to audio files. The podcast marketing idea is to upload your new songs and/or new radio interviews to podscast websites to give yourself as an artist more exposure.

Marketing on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook is not enough. Podcast promotion is a method of marketing that is highly effective and can potentially give you exposure to thousands of more people, which can increase your chances of creating more fans!

How To Get Started With Podcast Promotion

You will first have to choose which audio files you want to promote. You don’t want to upload a whole album of your music to a podcast site, in my opinion that’s lame.If you want to do that crap go to Itunes! What you want to do is only upload your dopest music and radio interviews so your listeners can hear exclusive stuff. Don’t bore them with miscellaneous stuff!

Upload your music and radio interviews to as many podcast sites that will allow you to do so, fill out the description box, and don’t forget to leave a link to your social media pages and website. Whenever someone listens to your podcast and likes it they have the opportunity to share the embedded code of the podcast, and/or visit your website. Listeners can also subscribe to your podcasts and receive them via email as an RSS feed!

Here Are A Few Podcast Websites To Get You Started






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